Crafting Design & Front-end for Startups, since 2011

We take your idea and skyrock it to the next level. With passion for every pixel and line of code.

  • Branding for an application on

  • Promo site for Christmass. Special for

  • Massive project. All done in our agency. Design/strategy/front and backend + content support.

  • Made a promo page for Nokia Lumia on - special for

  • Website and branding design, in collaboration with

  • Our big client with huge success in Russia. We collaborate 3 years and make unique design for web/ios.

  • App design for TV series Molodezhka. Special for

  • Design for Billboard Top 100, made special for

Our Services

Quick and creative. We take passionate businesses and emerging brands to the next level.

  • Design

  • Video Production  

  • Marketing campains

  • Developement

  • iOS and Android 

  • Logotypes

Our approach

Clear, smart, attractive design for your app, logo, website.

Difiz always enjoys a challenge. Our designers and coders are in permanent creative interaction, striving to do their best in satisfying your needs. Icons design, colour intensity, pleasure to the eye — there is a certain balance to it all, and we implement it into every app or website we design.

  • Name
  • Researching

    This is the foundation of any of our projects. Good research is 80% of the job itself. 

    We pay it maximum attention.

  • Name
  • Prototyping

    Based on the data meticulously collected during the research, we build prototypes to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Name
  • Design

    We design high-tier material. 

    Lucrative and functional design that lets you proudly step into the market.

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  • Coding

    Transferring a visual masterpiece to logic data. 

    A code that is well-organized and works with optimal efficiency, this is what we care about.

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  • Launching & Support

    Rockets need good fuel, and we got it! 

    We are always at your convenience to consult you in launching your start-up.