Hey, I'm Sam Mountain, and my mission is to build great products that will make my life (and the life of all the people that will use those products) easier.

Focuset on User Experience analysis. After all, when u use digital products, you have an aftertaste — the experience you've got from using those products. So I'm designing the whole User Experience flow. Making every step > maximum convertible. Call me Data-driven User Experience designer.

My ultimate mission is to build my own city from scratch. Where I would be able to design a UX for a complete city. I would love to live a perfect life in a perfect city. I've traveled all the top destinations in the world and I have an overall understanding of a perfect User Experience to be able to design a city. From every angle. I just need the right people that would be able to help me in this journey, my life quest. If you're still reading this shit, and you feel interested somehow — add me to Telegram and let's discuss how you can help my vision.

Today I'm focused on delivering the best digital services to my investors for a fair recompence — €150/h.

I work fast. Have 13 years of experience and helped my clients achieve amazing results. For example, one of my investors closed a deal of €50,000,000 in 2011, and the same product was aquired for €100,000,000 by Mail.Ru Group in 2012. You can check the case study here.




About Sam Mountain

29 years. Born in USSR.

Living in Amsterdam.

CEO & Creative director of Difiz.

Loving husband.

Passionated tourist.

Gadget addicted from the age of 11.

Guitar player.

Music creator.


Crypto maniac.

I'm a fast designer. Urgent tasks are closed right here right now. If you need something done extremely fast — call me. I'm like the Batman but in design world, not from Gotham City. 


Services I provide

  • Business Consultancy;
  • UX/UI Design;
  • Branding;
  • Code;
  • Marketing;
  • Photo/Video/Sound production;
  • High speed servers for your ICO or digital project, you can pay in crypto.



You tell me your problems.

For example, you have a working product for the last 2-5-10 years, that generates 10-50-100-1000k/mo revenue and you want to scale x2-3-5-10-100. Share the link and some info about your product and maybe we can move to STEP 2.



I create an unique Typeform with questions, to understand your problem better.



You share the Google Analytics with me. 100% confidential.



Based on the Google Analytics and the Typeform, I will generate a megaplan on how to conquire the world fix your problem.



We discuss the total amounth of months and the monthly fee for 1 month.  

Every task involves people for solving those tasks. Depending on what kind of IT specialist you will need, I will connect the right teams. To deliver your product with a lightning speed. After all, we can do things extremely fast, if we're focused only on your project.

STEP 5.1

You pay 1/2/3/4 weeks in advance. Depending on how often you want to fill the invoices.


I execute the plan, connect the right people, fix tasks on a weekly basis.


Every week you get a report with the progress.


Every month you get a detailed report and an invoice for the next month.

A .pdf with all the hours worked by all the people I've connected to this project.


We're allways connected to Telegram. No schedule. No bureucracy. No bullshit. Work.