Payeer is a single global online payment system that allows you to carry out the necessary financial transaction in two clicks from any device.


  • Name
  • It start with one thing...

    Research and prototyping. Using fixed templates helped us to develop an individual interface for each page of the site.

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  • Sexy details

    Bright and original icons serve not only as design elements, but also help to intuitively understand the functions and sections of the website.

  • Name
  • Video campaign

    A special promotional video was developed to quickly explain all the advantages of Payeer.com

Mobile first

Payeer website is adapted for both tablets and mobile. Suitable for every screen-size.



Each page is designed, thought out and designed in such a way as to be convenient for every user in any conditions.



Created a personal user dashboard for a comfort daily usage. Smart user-flow, sexy details, interesting ideas in every pixel. Check your balance with ease.


Global UX

Thought up to detail site structure will make it possible to carry out any money operation quickly and comfortably.


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