About us

We are a team of creative and dedicated individuals passionate about building unique and high performing digital products that help our clients get to the next level. Whatever the challenge is we are united as a team and take on the journey of tackling it. With a proven work model and experience we reinvent the way digital products are built and bring added value in each pixel we craft, line of code we write and flow that we build. Our attitude towards our clients create meaningful relationships that not just bring mutual understanding but also achieved KPI’s, happy customers and growing balance sheet for their business.

To name a few clients:

delivery club logo payeer logoautospot logo

Services we provide:

• UX Strategy;

• UX/UI Design;

• MVP & Prototyping;

• Web App Development;

• Mobile App Development;

Meet our head team:


Sam Mountain Creative Director;


Arcadie Grosu Projects & Strategy Director;


Vladimir Lukashev CPO;

+teams of designers, coders, marketing.

Some stats:

· Founded in 2012;

· Diverse and experienced team;

· Helped dozen of clients;

· Reached to millions of users;

· Generated millions of $ to our clients.

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